news : 留学生による物部川流域の清掃活動





 6月5日、香美市一斉清掃活動の一環として、本学 留学生ら21名が清掃活動を行いました。


 当日は法光院 香美市長から、参加した留学生に激励の言葉をいただき、香美市国際交流協会の協力のもと、主に物部川沿いを中心に香美市土佐山田町内を2時間ほど歩いて、周辺のゴミ拾いを行いました。

参加した郝 飛跳(ハオ フェイユエ)さん(博士後期課程 基盤工学コース2年)のコメント:
 I was glad to join the “Kami City Cleaning Day”. It was happy and interesting. It was my honor to be a member of international students for cleaning Kami city. As for me, Kami city is my second “hometown”, because I will stay here for three years. Thus, I have obligation to keep it clean and beautiful. In the course of this activity, all the participants worked very hard, and their performance could be regarded as the contribution to the Kami city. It was a nice day, and all of us enjoyed it. I hope more and more students could join this activity to make “our hometown” more and more beautiful.