Corporate-contract Apartments (Eikokuji Campus)

Since there is no dormitory for international students on the Eikokuji campus and it is difficult to find an apartment by oneself and to make a contract before entering Japan, KUT has arranged a number of corporate-contact apartments for students. International students affiliated with the Eikokuji campus are supposed to live in such apartments, in principle. The apartments contracted by KUT will be within walking or cycling distance of Eikokuji campus. KUT is trying to find half-furnished apartments as far as possible, but generally there are very few furnished apartments in Japan, so when only unfurnished apartments are available, international students will need to prepare all the necessary furniture and electrical appliances themselves. All living expenses must be covered by the students. Costs vary depending on the apartment.

Approximate costs

Room rent 40,000 ~ 45,000 yen per month
Utilities 20,000 yen per month
Deposit and key money 80,000 ~ 130,000 yen (at the time of signing the rental agreement)
Fire insurance 25,000 yen for two years