Center for Nanotechnology


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The Center for Nanotechnology was established within the Research Institute of KUT in April 2014, through the reorganization of the Research Center for Nanotechnology.

Nanotechnology, an advanced research field involving a wide range of disciplines, occupies a prominent position among Japan's national research strategies.

KUT has been generating a large number of research achievements and outcomes which are important keys to the development of nanotechnology in the fields of material science and electronic engineering.

As a result, the Center for Nanotechnology has been leading nanotechnology research in areas such as the development of nanomaterial synthesis methods, physical property evaluation and the development of device applications.

This contribution is large, and is of significance not only to Kochi Prefecture but to the whole country in terms of industrial promotion.

Research related to nanotechnology tends to need large-scale facilities such as a cleanroom and expensive analytical devices including a transmission electron microscope.

Rather than owning and operating such facilities or equipment in individual labs, KUT has been promoting strategic research material investment as a catalyst for new research themes through multidisciplinary and organizational research projects.

This strategy has led to various joint research projects and the acquisition of competitive research funds, and the educational impact is growing in significance as many students utilize these facilities and equipment every year.

The Center for Nanotechnology is aiming at further research promotion and development in the future.


ProfessorAkimitsu Hatta


ProfessorMamoru Furuta
ProfessorLi Chaoyang
Associate ProfessorToshiyuki Kawaharamura
Associate ProfessorMakino Hisao
Assistant ProfessorNoriko Nitta
ProfessorTomohiro Tuji
ProfessorHideo Kohno
ProfessorKazuya Kobiro
ProfessorToshihiko Maeda
Associate ProfessorHiroshi Furuta
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