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  • Year of birth: 1952
  • Gender: Male
  • Job titles: Head, Research Institute for future design
  • Affiliation:
    - Research Institute for future design
    - School of Economics & Management
  • researchmap: https://researchmap.jp/saijo/?lang=japanese
Areas of specialization
Laboratory/research office Future Design Laboratory
There are two main pillars in our society. One pillar is the market system, an excellent device that realizes our desires in the short-run. However, it does not allocate resources with the interests of future generations in mind. The other pillar is democracy, which is supposed to compensate for faults of the market, but it too is a mechanism that benefits the current generation without regard for future generations. Since the future generations do not yet exist, the current generation cannot hear their voices. Furthermore, since we humans are by nature myopic and optimistic, we cannot conduct decision making that sufficiently takes account of future generations. In this way, the current generation remorselessly consumes the resources that might have been utilized by future generations. To cope with this important issue, I propose a new framework, Future Design, which contains "imaginary future generations" of our society. This lab is pursuing various lines of such research, including experiments with human subjects.
Current research topics
Educational background
Professional background 2018-: Senior Fellow, The Tokyo Foundation of Policy Research
2017-: Program Director, Research Institute for Humanity and Nature
2016-2017: Visiting Professor, Research Institute for Humanity and Nature
2015-2016: Professor , Institute of Economic Research, Hitotsubashi University
2014-2015: Research Professor, Institute of Economic Research, Hitotsubashi University
2013-2016: Research Professor, Center for Environmental Innovation Design for Sustainability, Osaka University
2010-2012: Professor, Center for Environmental Innovation Design for Sustainability, Osaka University
2007-2012: Researcher, CASSEL, UCLA
2006-2010: Professor, Research Institute for Sustainability Science at Osaka University
2002-2003: Research Associate, California Institute of Technology
2001-2004: Faculty Fellow, Research Institute of Economiy, Trade and Industry
1999: Visiting Scholar, Rational Choice Center, Department of Economics, Duke University
1995-2012: Professor, Institute of Social and Economic Research, Osaka University
1991-1995: Associate Professor, Institute of Socio-Economic Planning, University of Tsukuba
1989: Post-doctoral Fellow, Center in Political Economy, Washington Univ. at St. Louis
1988-1991: Assistant Professor, Institute of Socio-Economic Planning, University of Tsukuba
1986-1988: Assistant Professor, Department of Economics, University of California at Santa Barbara
1985-1986: Lecturer, Department of Economics, Ohio State University
Academic societies Society for Social Choice and Welfare

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Undergraduate school
  • Seminar II
  • Seminar I (Management and Mathematics)
  • Mathematics for Economists
  • Seminar I
  • Introduction to social design engineering
Graduate school

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Research activities

Research papers
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  13. Authors: SHAHEN Mostafa Elsayed Ahmed Mohamed, Koji Kotani, Tatsuyoshi Saijo
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Keynote lectures
  1. "Future Design", 2022 Virtual Asia Pacific ESA Meeting, Osaka, Online, 2022
  2. "Future Design: Bequeathing Sustainable Natural Environments and Sustainable Societies to Future Generations", NRCP Annual Scientific Conference and 86th General Membership Assembly, Philippine International Convention Center, Manila, 2019
Invited lectures
  1. Future Design: Bequeathing Sustainable Natural Environments and Sustainable Societies to Future Generations, Annual Conference of Taiwan Environmental and Resource Economics, Web meeting, 2020
  2. Exploring 'Future Design Towns' - Social Technology Cases from Across Asia that are Revolutionizing Systems and Policy, RIC Zoom Webinar Series Session #2, Zoom Webinar , 2019
  3. "Future Design: Bequeathing Sustainable Natural Environments and Sustainable Societies to Future Generations", Academia Sinica Workshop on Futurability: Intergenerational Equity and Sustainable Governance, Academia Sinica, Taipei, 2019
  4. Future Design, Future Earth Philippines Program Launch meeting in Manila, Manila, Philippines, 2018
  5. Future Design, HKUST Workshop on Experimental Economics, The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, 2018
  6. "Negotiating with the Future: Incorporating Imaginary Future Generations into Negotiations", 2016
  7. Future design, The 7th Future Earth in Asia seminar: Including Future Generations in Discussions on Sustainability, Research Institute for Humanity and Nature at Kyoto, 2016
  8. Future Design, Tokyo University, 2015
  9. Future Design, Kyoto University and Kansai University Joint Workshop on Experimental Economics , 2015
  10. The instability of the voluntary contribution mechanism, 2015
Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research from the Japanese government
  1. Project title: Support for Experimental Social Science Research
    Category: Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research on Priority Areas
    Project number: 19046009
    Project period: 2007-2013
    Total budget amount: 142,652,000 yen
  2. Project title: Toward solving social dilemma
    Category: Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research (A)
    Project number: 24243028
    Project period: 2012-2016
    Total budget amount: 44,850,000 yen
  3. Project title: Future Design
    Category: Grant-in-Aid for Challenging Exploratory Research
    Project number: 16K13354
    Project period: 2016-2017
    Total budget amount: 2,990,000 yen
  4. Project title: Future Design
    Category: Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research (A)
    Project number: 17H00980
    Project period: 2017-2021
    Total budget amount: 42,510,000 yen

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Social activities

Committee roles
  1. The Scientific Committee for the Anticipation Conference, 2022
  2. Special Issue Editor:Designing Sustainable Future Societies,Sustainability , Sustainability, 2019-2020
  3. World Social Science Forum 2018,Local Organizeing Committee, 2018-
  4. Editorial board member, Environmen​tal Economics and Policy Studies, 2010-2017
  5. Associate Editor, Journal of Behavioral and Experimental Economics
  6. Advisory Editor, Social Choice and Welfare, 1997-
  7. Associate Editor, International Journal of Business and Economics, 2001-
  8. Associate Editor, Economics Bulletin, 2003-
Published books
  1. Future Design: Incorporating Preferences of Future Generations for Sustainability, Tatsuyoshi Saijo (ed.), Springer, 2020, ISBN 978-981-15-54

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