13th International Symposium for Society for Social Management Systems Co-hosted by the Japan branch of the Club of Rome

Announcement for 13th SSMS

We will hold a joint international symposium of the Social Management System Society and the Japan branch of the Club of Rome on 24th March 2023. This symposium will the 13th symposium, and the theme will be "Asian Approaches to Harmonious Development for People and Planetary Eco-system Being Alive." Due to the impact of the novel Coronavirus, we are holding this symposium online for the first time in about 3 and half years.

13th SSMS and CoR International Symposium First Announcement

Contents of the Symposium

The symposium will consist of two sessions, each featuring three invited speakers who will give lectures followed by an exchange of opinions. As an international conference sponsored by our university, the opening address will be given by President Masahiko Isobe.

How to Register for Online SSMS International Symposium

Please register from the SSMS online registration form.

The URL for zoom meeting will be sent to your registered e-mail address.

Important Dates and Information

Date and Time: March 24th, 2023, 13:00-16:30 (JST)

Venue: Online (ZOOM)

Language: English

Participation fee: Free

Online Registration Deadline: March 21st,2023 17:00 (JST)

If you wish to participate, please register for the symposium from the SSMS website as mentioned above.

About Soscity for Social Management Systems

The purpose of "Social Management Systems Science" A social system (a system which runs society) is based on processes and rules that are essential in order to achieve the goals that our society is trying to achieve. The form that these processes and rules take is the key to its success. "Social Management Systems Science" aims to make the social system function properly and attain its goal. Social capital occupies a large position in a social system, and our main theme is how to establish the processes and rules in order to operate infrastructures efficiently and effectively. Our goal is to make a social management system function without waste in society. Therefore, we need to analyze its conformity with social demands and the social environment from an engineering viewpoint while proposing as needed evaluation methods and standards which optimize design, construction and management of social capital into the processes and rules of the social system, as well as suggesting processes and rules themselves as engineering approaches.

For more details, please access to SSMS website.

The Club of Rome

Most influential organizations begin with the meeting of a few like minds. In 1965, Aurelio Peccei, an Italian industrialist, made a speech that proved inspirational to Alexander King, the Scottish Head of Science at the OECD. The two found that they shared a profound concern for the long-term future of humanity and the planet, what they termed the modern 'predicament of mankind'.

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The mission of The Club of Rome is to apply holistic, interdisciplinary and long-term thinking to ensure broader societal and planetary wellbeing; to move towards more equitable economic, financial, and socio-political models; ensure an inclusive human dimension to all systems change; and to emerge from emergency. This will be achieved through the five impact hubs.

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