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Information on COVID-19 vaccinations

Information on COVID-19 Vaccinations

In Japan, over 21 million people have been diagnosed with COVID-19, and approximately 45,000 people have died because of it as of October 5th, 2022. There have been reports of young people with no pre-existing conditions having their symptoms worsen and even dying. There are many long-term risks associated with COVID-19. For example, approximately 20% of people who get infected with COVID-19 still suffered from tiredness and fatigue six months after they first started presenting symptoms, and approximately 10% suffered from a reduced sense of taste, headaches, difficulty thinking and concentrating, and/or hair loss.

Vaccines used in Japan are effective to prevent from developing the virus. It has also been shown to prevent from infection and worsening. Although there is a possibility to decrease the effects on infection or development gradually over time, but it is reported it still keeps effects on preventing from worsening.

Getting vaccinated reduces the burden of hospitals or clinics and leads not to infect to families or friends. To take preventative measures make us easier to continue face-to-face classes.

The government has launched "Vaccine and Testing Package" system to ease movement restrictions on "having meals" "events" and "travels" to confirm your vaccination status or negative test results. You will be required these at various facilities. (It is valid within 72 hours for PCR test, within 24 hours for quantitative antigen test. There is no public support for inspection costs.)

Regarding possible side effects of the vaccine, pain in the area they were vaccinated, tiredness, and/or headaches were observed in over 50% of recipients, and muscle and joint pains, chills, diarrhea, and/or fevers were observed in over 10% of patients. The majority of these symptoms disappeared after a few days, but rare cases of anaphylaxis (an acute allergic reaction) have also been observed.

Deciding whether to get vaccinated or not is a personal choice. It is by no means compulsory, so please inform yourself about the benefits and side effects of the vaccine and discuss it with your family before deciding whether or not to get vaccinated.

*Data from the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare

How to Get Vaccinated

There are two ways to get vaccinated for international students of KUT.

1. To get vaccinated by university arrangement
2. Take advantage of a group/individual vaccination clinic provided by a municipality like Kami city or Kochi city

If you wish to get vaccinated, when the time you take and the type of vaccine will differ depending on which you choose 1 or 2.

Vaccinations for the 1st and 2nd shots should be taken in three to four weeks, a booster shot should be taken in 5 to 6 months after the 2nd vaccination, the 4th shot should be taken 3 months after a booster shot. It differs depending on a vaccine type.

Regardless of the type of vaccine of the 1st and 2nd shots, you can receive the vaccine of Pfizer, Moderna or Takeda (Novavax) for a booster shot. For the 4th shot, you can receive the vaccine of Pfizer or Moderna, regardless of the type of vaccine of the 1st to 3rd shots.

Although very rare, mild myocarditis and pericarditis have been reported as the side effects,
However, the frequency of reports of suspected myocarditis and pericarditis tends to be lower with Pfizer's vaccine than with Moderna's vaccine for males in their teens and twenties.

Some studies have shown that Takeda's Novavax vaccine has a lower frequency of side effects than other vaccines. You can also get Novavax vaccine in Kochi prefecture for the 3rd shot. Please refer to the link below.

1. Getting vaccinated by university arrangement

KUT will arrange omicron-targeting booster shots of the 3rd or 4th shot for students hosted by Kochi University in November, 2022.

Date: 23rd November, 2022

Place: Kochi University, Oko campus

Shuttle bus will operate between KUT and Kochi University

■Who can take this vaccination

1. KUT students and faculty members
2. Have gotten 2nd or 3rd vaccinations approved in Japan
3. Have gotten a latest vaccination five months before
4. Can bring a vaccination voucher/questionnaire on Nov 23rd

Vaccine type: Moderna vaccine/ Takeda(Bivalent vaccine with original strain and Omicron strain (BA.1) Here is the information on the side effects:


Note: It is needed to wait 13 days after you take other vaccinations. ( exclude influenza vaccine)

2. Taking advantage of a group/individual vaccination clinic provided by a municipality where you are registered like Kami city or Kochi city

Please refer to the followings.

■Kami citizens
■Kochi citizens
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