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Welcome Bus Tour to Kochi City

Welcome Bus Tour was held on November 7th Tuesday. This tour was mainly for new international students who enrolled in October, and a total of 19 people, including 14 international students and 5 Japanese students who wished to engage in international exchange, participated in the tour. The international students, who had just arrived in Kochi, visited Kochi Castle, Kochi Castle Museum of History, and Katsurahama Beach to experience Kochi's history and culture and deepen their friendship with each other.


The day before the tour had been very humid due to heavy rain, but the weather was the complete opposite on the day of the tour. It was a crisp, clear day, and the students were able to enjoy the view of Kochi City from the keep of Kochi Castle even more. Afterwards, many students had lunch at Hirome Market. As expected, the skipjack tuna tataki was popular among the international students, who had fun taking pictures of the skipjack tuna being grilled on the straw right in front of them. At the Kochi Castle Museum of History, the students borrowed tablets and learned about the history of Tosa Domain while listening to an audio guide. They also examined the exhibits related to this history in detail. Finally, at Katsurahama Beach, the students had fun strolling and talking with each other as they gazed at the Pacific Ocean while enjoying the gentle breeze.


In particular, many students said that the Kochi Castle Museum of History was interesting because they were able to experience the history of Kochi for themselves. Even though the Japanese students had been to Kochi Castle and Katsurahama Beach before, many of the students were visiting the museum for the first time, and they found it fascinating.

The International Relations Center organizes such tours several times a year. We hope that students will get to know each other and enjoy their university life even more.