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KUT policy for personal information protection

KUT believes this is a most important issue and responsibility, both socially and internationally. For this reason the university carefully stores and manages information which identifies individuals such as students and staff (‘personal information’) and takes the necessary security measures. In accordance with the increasing social demand for personal information protection due to the recent rapid development of information technology such as the Internet, KUT fulfills its responsibility by establishing the privacy policy described below, and by giving thorough training on and publicity about the policy.

Privacy policy

1.Observance of laws
 Public University Corporation Kochi University of Technology (‘The Corporation’) operates in observance of the laws related to personal information protection, as well as other appropriate and reasonable social norms regarding the handling of personal information.

2.Thorough and appropriate information management
 The Corporation encourages concerned parties including its executives, council members, faculty and administrative staff (including full-time staff, contracted staff, part-time staff, and temporary staff) and students to recognize the importance of the personal information protection. The Corporation has established ‘Rules regarding personal information protection’ in order to ensure the proper use and safeguarding of personal information, and works to ensure institution-wide awareness of those rules.

3.Conduct of security measures
 In order to ensure the accuracy and security of personal information, the Corporation conducts security measures including information protection, and makes every effort to prevent fraudulent access to, and the loss, destruction, fabrication and leakage, of personal information.

4.Acquisition of personal information
 The Corporation acquires personal information by legitimate and fair means and either obtains the approval of each individual regarding necessary matters such as the purpose of use, or publicizes all necessary use of such information on the Corporation’s web.

5.Use of personal information
 Regarding the use of personal information, only those who are given authority in accordance with concrete procedures, may do so only when necessary in the course of the work. Personal information is only used once the Corporation has acquired the approval of the person concerned or when the information is within the allowable range of matters and purposes that the Corporation has publicized on the web.

6.Disclosure and provision of personal information
 The Corporation will never disclose or provide personal information except in the case of justifiable cause. In cases where the Corporation delegates to a third party any work which involves the handling of personal information, the Corporation will conclude the necessary agreement with the commissioned party and ensure compliance with the related laws.

7.Respect of rights of the person to whom the information pertains
 The Corporation respects the rights of the person to whom the personal information belongs. After confirming that the information does in fact pertain to the person, the Corporation responds to requests from any person that his/her information be disclosed, corrected, deleted or suspended, within a reasonable range in compliance with personal information laws and commonly accepted ideas or practice.

8.Continuous improvement
 In order to manage personal information appropriately, the Corporation constantly updates its knowledge of changes in laws, social norms, and information technology, and faithfully reviews and improves the management system, as well as providing relevant education and training to students and university faculty and staff.