Multilingual apps for Kochi city travel guide were developed by KUT students.

Seven students of School of Information developed two multilingual apps, “YOSANAVI” and “CHUrism” for Kochi city travel. (Japanese, English, Korean, Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese)

As a part of “Software Engineering Seminar” by Associate Prof. Yoshiaki Takata, School of Information, they started this project in October, 2015. “YOSANAVI” available from April 1st, 2016 introduces the inside map and photos of Kochi *YOSAKOI Information hall.
“CHUrism” shows accommodations, tourist spots and restaurants in Kochi city on a map as well as the current place. Tablet device with these apps will be rent to major accommodations in Kochi city.

One of the seminar members, Mr. Hiroyasu Fujita, School of Information said “We sincerely worked on this project although we felt pressure. We would be happy if these apps will energize tourism in Kochi city.”

*Yosakoi is a traditional dance festival held for four days from Aug.9 to Aug.12 every year in Kochi, Japan. This popular and famous dance has been spread all over the world.