Songkran and Pohela Boishakh Party was held.

On April 8th, Songkran and Pohela Boishakh joint party was held at International House.
This event was organized by Thai and Bangladeshi students to introduce their traditional cultures and try to make people become familiar with Thailand and Bangladesh.
The word Songkran means “new year” and there is a famous custom to drive evil spirits out of the respected persons by pouring water to them in Thailand.
Bangladeshi students in dressing traditional costume served Bangladeshi cuisine to the participants.
President Masahiko Isobe said, “I am truly happy to celebrate their new year”.
A lot of overseas students, their Japanese friends, faculty members and local residents enjoyed this party.
Around 20 Japanese students and 50 overseas students currently live in International House established in 2013. They have some valuable opportunities to get to know each culture through the events hosted by students from many countries.