Shenyang University of Technology delegation visited KUT

On May 23rd, Prof. SU Xiaoming and three delegates from Shenyang University of Technology, China visited Kochi University of Technology (KUT) and discussed the further exchange development with President Masahiko Isobe, Prof. Akimitsu Hatta, the chair of International Relation Center, Designated Prof. Shinichiro Sakikawa, International Relations Center and Prof. Wang Shuoyu who is a graduate of Shenyang University of Technology.

Shenyang University of Technology entered into academic exchange agreement with KUT in August 2002. After both parties expressed their appreciation for exchanges of researchers and students over the last 14 years, they shared ideas to build a specific cooperative framework.

In addition, they visited some research facilities such as Center for Nanotechnology and Research Center for Brain Communication and observed the practice of KUT’s table tennis club having visited Shenyang University of Technology twice.