A professional baseball player from Burkina Faso gave a lecture at KUT

Mr. Sanfo Lassina who is a professional baseball player of Kochi Fighting Dogs gave a lecture in a class, “Sports Industry” by Associate Professor Atsushi Shojima, School of Economics & Management.

After 18-year-old Lassina talked about his encounter with baseball, the hardship and joy in Japan, his gratitude for Kochi and his ambitions for the future, the students discussed plans and effective publicity for a friendly match, “West African team vs Kochi Fighting Dogs” scheduled on July 24th.

West African team consists of members from Burkina Faso, Côte d'Ivoire and Ghana.

“West African team vs Kochi Fighting Dogs”
Date: July 24th (Sun) 18:00~
Venue: Baseball field in Kochi city general athletic park
*Free admission