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 11月22日、第7回日本-タイ国際学術会議2014(TJIA2014)が東京大学本郷キャンパスで開催され、本学、大学院博士後期課程基盤工学コース2年 Udorn Junthornさん(八田・古田研究室、指導教員古田寛准教授)が発表した論文で“Best Presentation Certificate” を受賞しました。
 同学術会議は、2006 年に初めて開催され、タイと日本の間における共同研究を促進しようと、在日タイ留学生協会(Thai Students" Association in Japan under Royal Patronage,TSAJ)が主催となって毎年開催されているものです。

受賞論文:The optical reflectance of deformed MWCNT forests after wettability test

【Udorn Junthornさんのコメント】
It was my pleasure to be a part of success for 7th Thailand-Japan international academic conference (7th TJIA), 2014. It was my first time for participating an international conference as an oral presentation since I have come in Japan as a Ph.D. special scholarship program (SSP) student on October 2013. During the conference, I not only gained experience to exchange perspective researches, but also had an opportunity to create even more relationship with participants. I would like to thank all TJIA organizing committees and supporters who made this conference completely successful. Additionally, thanks to Hatta and Furuta sensei for valuable suggestions and advises technically and skillfully, I was certified to get the best presentation award in this conference. This award would also fulfill me to push my research step forward until the optimum goal completes.


左からUdorn Junthornさん、古田准教授