Steering International Society with Many Countries' Researchers


Society for Social Management Systems

In most countries today, the existing social systems cannot adequately respond to the demands of the present era, including recent changes in social and economic structure and in societal values, climate change, aging infrastructure, and aging society. Therefore, structural reform of those social systems has become an urgent issue, with a broad impact. Social systems direct the functioning of society and thus require the capabilities of many fields, particularly administrative management, regional socio-economic management, disaster management, infrastructure management and education management. In order to adapt current social systems so as to meet these new demands, it is necessary to effectively and efficiently utilize hard and soft infrastructure and human and financial resources. This calls for collaboration among social scientists (in fields including sociology, psychology, economics, public administration) and engineering scientists (in civil engineering, architecture, mechanical engineering, information technology and other fields). The mission of the Society for Social Management Systems is to make practical contributions to the improvement of social systems and to develop future-oriented solutions in collaboration with researchers and practitioners in various scientific fields.

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