International Relations Center


The International Relations Center (IRC) is KUT's international affairs contact department. The Center's main roles are enhancing globalization of the university and promoting and arranging academic exchanges with foreign educational research institutions. To this end, we develop a wide variety of international programs, encourage the sending/receiving of students/scholars abroad, strengthen KUT's international research collaboration and expand international ties with overseas universities.

The Special Scholarship Program (SSP), established in 2003, is central to IRC activities. This program is designed to support advanced research at KUT by funding the contribution of highly capable doctoral students. Under this program, the students pursue doctoral courses in English while at the same time assisting their host professors in their research projects, for which they receive a remuneration of 150,000 yen per month.

The Special Scholarship Program (SSP)

IRC supports all international students (not only SSP students) so that they can achieve excellent results in their research and studies, enjoy friendship with Japanese students, faculty/staff members, and local people, and have a profitable and enriching experience of Kochi and Japan.

Member of International Relations Center (IRC)

  • LI, Chaoyang (Chair/ Professor)
  • SAKIKAWA, Shinichiro (Director/Designated Professor)
  • OKA, Koichi (Professor)
  • ISHII, Kojiro (Professor)
  • BATESON, Gordon (Professor)
  • KOTANI, Koji (Professor)
  • SHIMA, Hiroshi (Professor)
  • MATSUZAKI, Kiminori (Professor)
  • MURAKAMI, Kazuko (Educational Lecturer)

Administrative Staff for IRC

■ Kami Campus, International Relations Section

  • KUBO, Kensaku (Manager)
  • MORIO, Yoko
  • HAMAMURA, Saki
  • TAKATARU, Mikako
  • OKAUCHI, Miki
  • KUBO, Mariko (Japanese Language Lecturer)

■ Eikokuji Campus, Educational Affairs Section

  • FUJII, Rika

Contact Information

International Relations Center
Kochi University of Technology
Tosayamada, Kami City, Kochi 782-8502, JAPAN

Tel: +81-887-53-1130
Fax: +81-887-57-2000