2022.3.29International / International Students / Students Life

Farewell Bus Tour For The Graduates

On March 18th (Fri.), we held a "Farewell Bus Tour For The Graduates." A total of seventeen people went sightseeing in Aki District. They were international students, the families of the international students, foreign faculty members and international relations section staff.

The number of new COVID cases has subsided somewhat. Four persons who had finished their graduation ceremony just the day before participated with their families, and all participants celebrated the graduation.

The sightseers were surprised by the unusual pictures at the Ekingura museum in Akaoka. Afterward, they went on a field trip to Aki City Calligraphy Museum and Aki City Museum of History and Folklore. On the way back along the Akano Coast, the rain finally stopped. And everyone was in really high spirits, looking at the Pacific Ocean from the beach.

A joyful email arrived from graduate Mr. Koirala (from Nepal), who said, "It's too bad about the rain, but I had a nice time. I am honored that you celebrated our graduation."



What is Ekingura, who is Ekin? It is an official museum of Ekin art located in Akaoka, Kochi. In the 1800s, Ekin worked as an official painter of Tosa(Kochi) aristocracy. After a long journey, he reached Akaoka where his aunt lives. He created his art in a sake warehouse. It is a little horrible but beautiful in his energetic art.