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Japan Cultural Trip to Hiroshima was held

Japan Cultural Trip to Hiroshima was held on February 21st and 22nd.

A total of 19 people, including international students, their family members, and Japanese students, joined this tour.

Participants were divided into 4 groups and visited places to learn about Japanese history and culture and to deepen their friendships with each other.

On the 21st, they visited Mt. Senkoji Ropeway and the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum. At Mt. Senkoji Ropeway, they enjoyed the view of Onomichi city from the top of the mountain. After that, they visited the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum to learn about the history of World War II and the atomic bomb. Participants enthusiastically listened to a lecture given by the second generation of hibakusha(atomic bomb survivors).
One of the participants said that they could deeply understand one part of Japanese history and the severity of war.

On the 22nd, they visited Itsukushima Shrine on Miyajima Island to enjoy the beautiful scenery and learn about the history of the island and the shrine. The participants were captivated by the iconic "floating" torii gate and explored the intricate architecture and cultural significance of the shrine complex.


The International Relations Center organizes such tours several times a year to provide learning opportunities for international students and Japanese students alike.