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Ambassador of India to Japan paid a courtesy visit to Kochi University of Technology

On February 5th, a delegation from Embassy of India visited Kochi University of Technology and met with President Shigeomi Chono and others. They exchanged opinions with the aim of further developing interactions.


Kochi University of Technology has signed exchange agreements with the Indian Institute of Technology Bombay (from 2017) and Vellore Institute of Technology (from 2021). Since then, it has been actively interacting with both universities.

At the meeting, President Chono welcomed them and introduced the history of Kochi University of Technology and the features of its education and research. Ambassador Sibi George was particularly impressed by the nature-rich campus of Kochi University of Technology and enjoyed a peaceful time, smiling the entire time.

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During lunch, Prof. Chaoyang Li, Chair of the International Relations Center, gave a presentation mainly on the doctoral program at Kochi University of Technology. In her explanation, she emphasized that one of the characteristics of the university is that many of its international students are doctoral students.

The ambassador chatted with Indian researchers and doctoral students from the university. The researchers talked about where they were from, the content of their research, and their future plans, and they enjoyed the valuable experience of interacting with the Ambassador of India. After that, they toured the material innovation and sustainable technology laboratory and clean room, observing the research equipment with great interest while listening to explanations from Prof. Li and the Indian researchers.

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