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A farewell bus tour was held

On March 15th (Fri), a farewell bus tour was held to celebrate the graduation of our international students. A total of 18 students, 15 international students and 3 Japanese students, spent the morning picking strawberries at Tropical Nursery Nishijima in Nankoku city and the afternoon at Kochi Castle Museum of History in Kochi coty, learning the art of "koyori" Japanese bookbinding.

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The strawberries were bigger and sweeter than expected, and the students could be heard saying "I'm so full!" before the 40-minute time limit was up. The tour then headed to the area around Kochi's Hirome Market for lunch, although some students were still too full to eat.


In the afternoon, the students were divided into two groups at the Kochi Castle History Museum, where they toured the exhibits and experienced Japanese-style bookbinding using "koyori," which is Japanese paper cut into long, thin strips and twisted into a string, and notepad making. Because "koyori" strings are difficult to make, many of the students had difficulty making them, but were able to use pre-made strings to work on their bookbinding. The Chinese students found the experience very familiar, saying: "In China, we used to bind books in a similar way.

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