2017.5.29Research / Students Life

Outstanding Poster Awards at Display International Workshop

The 23rd Display International Workshop, held in conjunction with Asia Display 2016 (IDW/AD '16) at the Fukuoka Convention Center, brought cutting edge display technology from around the world.

A joint research group, led by Professor Mamoru Furuta of KUT's Advanced Materials and Device Science Laboratory and Professor Norbert Fruehauf, director of the Stuttgart University's Institute for Large Area Microelectronics in Germany, received an Outstanding Poster Award.

This was a great honor since only 21 out of 505 presentations were selected for the award.

Other members of the joint group are Aman S. G. Mehadhi, a KUT doctoral student, Gengo Tatsuoka and Yuya Hirota, KUT master's students in the Material and Life Systems Engineering course, and Yvonne Krieg of Stuttgart University, currently an internship student at KUT. The four students were highly evaluated for their collaborative effort under the supervision of the two professors.