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2021 Autumn Graduation Ceremony held

The 2021 Autumn graduation and degree ceremonies were held at Kami Campus on September 22, 2021.

8 students (1 from the master's program and 7 from the doctoral program) received their degrees.


Professor Masahiko Isobe, President of KUT (Kochi University of Technology), delivered the commencement address encouraging the graduating students, "After you get used to your new life, you will begin to have your own opinion and make proposals. But, your proposal may not be accepted immediately. It takes a certain time until people understand it fully. However, if you are confident of its advantage, I think it is important to continue to repeat the same phrase for a long time. Your proposal will gradually penetrate into people's minds. But, more importantly, your proposal will be examined by yourself during the period. It often happens that you will notice its shortcomings and be able to modify it. Time gives you chance to review and revise your idea. If it survives after a long period of your review, it will be a truly valuable idea worth doing."


On behalf of the graduating students, Dr. Arpana Pandit from Nepal gave a speech. She said "Each of us has had a unique experience at KUT. The good times, the bad times, the laughs, the joys, and the endurance are all combined. I believed that by learning from these experiences, we would be able to face all the life's challenges with courage."

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