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A KUT student received the Best Paper Award at international conference

Mr. Shohei Hontama (First year of Master program Intelligent Mechanical Engineering Course) received Best Paper Award at [The International Conference CENTRIC2020] which was held in Porto, Portugal on online from October 18th to 22nd.


Conventional gait analysis is performed using a combination of an optical motion capture system and a force plate However, this complex system is very expensive, and, because of the use of stationary equipment, places limitations on the scope of measurement. In response, the research group of Mr. Hontama has developed a system that can estimate floor reaction force using a small number of wearable inertial sensors. It also proposed a method that uses frequency analysis to reduce the burden on the user.
Specifically, the group conducted Fourier analysis of the acceleration of each body part, and quantified the acceleration relationship for each part over the frequency domain. Moreover, by quantifying the relationship between the acceleration of the head and of the upper trunk to estimate the acceleration of the head away from the upper trunk, the group was able to grasp the characteristics of head acceleration in the vertical direction and in the walking direction while walking, and demonstrated the usefulness of the proposed method.
The progress of this research is expected to lead to efficient rehabilitation in clinical medicine and to improved guidance in the field of sports.
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Upon receipt of the award, Mr. Hontama said, "Since the time that I decided to go to graduate school, I had set making presentations at international conferences one of my goals. I am very honored to receive the Best Paper Award at this international conference that I admire. I would like to express sincere gratitude to Associate Professor Kyoko Shibata (School of System Engineering), Visiting Professor Yoshio Inoue, and the members of the laboratory who provided support for the research activities. I hope to continue working closely with users to develop a system that is convenient to use."