2024.5.13International / Research

Representatives from Old Dominion University made a courtesy call on Kochi University of Technology

On May 8th, Dr. Paul Currant, Senior International Officer, and Mr. Scott Berlin, Global Engagement Coordinator, from Old Dominion University in the United States visited our university to exchange information and explore further collaboration opportunities.


Old Dominion University, founded in 1930, is a public university located in Norfolk, Virginia. In 2021, both universities entered into an exchange agreement aimed at facilitating the exchange of faculty, students, and academic information, as well as collaborative research activities. Since the academic year 2022, students from both universities have been regularly engaging in an "Online Language Exchange" program with the goal of improving their language skills.

During their visit to the Eikokuji Campus, they toured the Laboratory for Environmental Economics and International Development before proceeding to the Kami Campus. They were warmly welcomed by President Shigeomi Chono, who expressed anticipation for continued exchanges between faculty and students from both institutions.

After touring the Clean Room, discussions were held, led by Prof. Chaoyang Li, Chair of the International Relations Center, focusing on exchanging information about the current status of both universities and their respective programs. They explored possibilities for future student exchanges, discussed areas of mutual interest, and exchanged opinions regarding the specific skills and characteristics sought after in potential collaborators. Additionally, it was agreed to conduct workshops for faculty members to further enhance collaboration opportunities.

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