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Professor ENAMI Yasufumi

Ph.D.( Optical Sciences), The University of Arizona, University of Arizona, US, 2003
Master of Science,The University of Arizona, University of Arizona, USA, 1999
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Affiliation School of Systems Engineering
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Personal web site http://www.kochi-tech.ac.jp/kut/about_KUT/faculty_members/prof/enami-yasufumi.html

Areas of specialization Optical Sciences,Optical Waveguide, Photonics, Nonlinear Optics, Polymer Optics, Biophotonics Sensors
Laboratory/research office Ultra-High Speed and Integrated Photonic Devices Laboratory
We have achieved low power consumption technology for ultra-high speed polymer modulators with an optical modulation bandwidth of 100 GHz. These polymeric modulators enable the realization of optical interconnection between integrated circuits, which supports increased signal communication speed and reduced power consumption, for application in future servers and personal computers.
We are also developing biophotonic sensors and networks of such sensors, based on optical waveguides doped with either green fluorescent protein or anti-body. The waveguides will eventually be connected with long-haul optical fibers that work as distributed and real-time sensors for the remote detection of dangerous chemicals such as sarin (i.e. for anti-terrorist defense) and harmful pandemic viruses. Networks for pandemic virus detection can be applied in immigration offices, airports, schools, and hospitals.
Current reseach topics 1. Ultra-high speed electro-optic polymer/TiO2 slot waveguide modulators
2. biophotonic waveguide sensors.
Educational background 2002: Doctor, University of Arizona, Optical Sciences Center, USA
Professional background 2016-: Adjunct Associate Research Professor, University of Arizona, College of Optical Sciences
2012-: Professor, Kochi University of Technology
2008-2012: Professor(Special Appointment), HIroshima University
2005-2008: Assitant Research Scientist, University of Arizona, College of Optical Sciences
2004-2007: Assitant Professor, University of Fukui, Graduate School of Engineering, Fiber Amenity Engineering
2003-2003: Research Associate, University of Arizona,Optical Sciences Center
2003-2004: Postdoctral Researcher, Kyoto University
1997-2002: Graduate Research Assistant, University of Arizona,Optical Sciences Center
Academic societies OSA Senior Member
SPIE (the international society of optics and photonics) Senior Member

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Fundamental Electromagnetics
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Research papers ▼

  1. Authors: H. Sakamoto, Y. Minpou, T. Kawai, ENAMI Yasufumi, S. Suye
    Title: “Covalent immobilization of the anti-human H1N1/HA1 antibody onto a sol-gel surface and optical waveguide sensor for influenza virus detection”,
    Journal: Applied Biochemistry and Biotechnology, Vol. 78, pp. 687-694
    Year: 2016
  2. Authors: ENAMI Yasufumi, H. Nakamura, J. Luo, A. A-Y. Jen
    Title: “Analysis of efficiently poled electro-optic polymer/TiO2 vertical slot waveguide modulators”
    Journal: Optics Communications, vol. 362, pp. 77-80, (2016), Vol. 362, pp. 77-80
    Year: 2016
  3. Authors: Roland Himmelhuber, Robert Norwood, ENAMI Yasufumi, Nasser Peyghambarian
    Title: Sol gel materials enabled electro optic polymer modulators”
    Journal: MDPI Sensors, Vol. 15, pp. 18239-18255, MDPI, Switzerland
    Year: 2015
  4. Authors: ENAMI,Yasufumi, Y. Jouane, J. Luo, A. K-Y. Jen
    Title: Enhanced conductivity of sol-gel silica cladding for efficient poling in electro-optics polymer/TiO2 vertical slot waveguide modulators
    Journal: Optics Express, Vol. 22, No. 24, pp. 30191-30199, Optical Society of America
    Year: 2014/11/25
  5. Authors: Y. Jouane, CHANG Yu Chi, zhang dan, J. Luo, A. K-Y. Jen, ENAMI,Yasufumi
    Title: Unprecedented highest electro-optic coefficient of 226 pm/V for electro-optic polymer/TiO2 multilayer slot waveguide modulators
    Journal: Optics Express, Vol. 22, No. 22, pp. 27725-27732, Optical Society of America
    Year: 2014/10/03
  6. Authors: ENAMI,Yasufumi, Y. Kayaba, J. Luo, A. K-Y. Jen
    Title: Mesoporous sol-gel silica cladding for hybrid TiO2/electro-optic polymer waveguide modulators,
    Journal: Optics Express, Vol. 22, No. 13, pp. 16418-16423, Optical Society of America
    Year: 2014/06/30
  7. Authors: ENAMI Yasufumi, B. Yuan, M. Tanaka, J. Luo, A. A-Y. Jen
    Title: "Electro-optic polymer/TiO2 multilayer slot waveguide modulators",
    Journal: Applied Physics Letters, Vol. 101, p. 123509, AIP
    Year: 2012
  8. Authors: ENAMI Yasufumi, K. Tsuchiya, S. Suye
    Title: "Detection of organophosphorus compound based on a sol-gel silica planar waveguide deoped with a green fluorescent protein and an prganophosphorus hydrolase",
    Journal: Applied Physics Letters, Vol. 98, p. 233503
    Year: 2011
  9. Authors: ENAMI,Yasufumi, D Mathine, C T DeRose, R A Norwood, J Luo, A K-Y Jen, N Peyghambarian
    Title: “Hybrid polymer/sol-gel waveguide modulators with 0.65V half-wave voltage at 1550nm”
    Journal: Applied Physics Letters, Vol. 92, p. 193508, AIP
    Year: 2007
  10. Authors: ENAMI,Yasufumi, C T DeRose, D Mathine, C Loychik, C Greenlee, R A Norwood, T D Kim, J Luo, Y Tian, A K-Y Jen, N Peyghambarian
    Title: Hybrid polymer/sol-gel waveguide modulators with exceptionally large electro-optic coefficients
    Journal: Nature Photonics, Vol. 1, No. 3, pp. 180-185, Nature Publication Group
    Year: 2007
  11. Authors: ENAMI,Yasufumi, T Fukuda, S Suye
    Title: "Sol-gel silica planar waveguide doped with green fluorescent protein for in-line biosensors",
    Journal: Applied Physics Letters, Vol. 91, p. 203507, AIP
    Year: 2007
  12. Authors: B Kippelen, S R Marder, J L Maldonado, G Guilemet, B L Volodin, D D Steele, ENAMI,Yasufumi, Sandalphon, Y Yao, J-F Wang, H Rockel, L Ershine, N Peyghambarian
    Title: “Infra-red photorefractive polymers and their applications for imaging,”
    Journal: Science, Vol. 279, pp. 54-57, Science
    Year: 1998

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Awards ▼

  1. 2013年 Optical Society of America, Senior Member Award, Optical Society of America, 2013
  2. 2013年 SPIE(The International Soceity for Optics and Photonics), Senior Member Award, SPIE(The International Society for Optics and Photonics), 2013
  3. Graduate Tuition Scholarship, University of Arizona, University of Arizona, 1999

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  1. International Academic Conference, Co-chair, 6th Annual World Congress of Advanced Materials-2017 (WCAM-2017), 2016-2017
  2. Academic Journal Editor, MDPI Biosensors, MDPI Biosensor, Switzerland, 2016-2017
  3. Presider, 5th Asisa Pacific optical sensors conference (APOS2016), Shanghai, China, 11th-14th of Oct, (2016)., 5th Asisa Pacific optical sensors conference (APOS2016), 2016-2016
  4. International Advisory Committee, 2017 Collaborative Conference on 3D and Materials Research,Jeju, Korea, 2016-2017
  5. Chair, Sub-Committee, 5th Asisa Pacific optical sensors conference (APOS2016), Shanghai, China, 11th-14th of Oct, (2016)., 2016-2016
  6. Editor, MDPI Sensors, MDPI Sensors, Switzerland, 2015-2016
  7. Conference Chair , Collaborative Conference on 3D & Materials Research (CC3DMR) 2015 Busan Korea, 2015-2015
  8. Technical Committee Member, 5th Asisa Pacific optical sensors conference (APOS2015), 5th Asisa Pacific optical sensors conference (APOS2015), 2015-2015
  9. Member of the Technical Program Committee, The 5th Asia Pacific Optical Sensors Conference, 2014-2015
  10. Editor, 2013-2015
  11. Chair, Collaborative conference on 3D & Materials Research (3DMR), Jeju Korea, pp. 303 (2013) (24th to 28th, 2013-2013
  12. Senior Member, SPIE The International Society for Optical Engineering, Senior Member, 2012-2014
  13. Senior Member, Optical Society of America, 2012-2014
  14. Technical Committee Member, 3rd Asisa Pacific optical sensors conference (APOS2012), Sydney, Australia., 2012-2013
  15. Technical Committee Member, The 9th International Conference on Optical Communications and Networks, ,Nanjing, China. , 2010-2010
  16. Presider, Conference on Lasers and Electro-Optics (CLEO 2010)San Francisco, CA, USA, 2010

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