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Associate Professor KADOTA,Hiroshi

Year of birth Gender Male
Affiliation School of Information
Research Institute
Research Center for Brain Communication, Research Institute
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Laboratory/research office Brain-Muscle Coordination Laboratory
Humans can perform daily activities without any difficulty despite the physical state changes that accompany their growth. They can skillfully operate various devices, such as cars and powered exoskeleton suits, which are products of engineering innovation. Our laboratory conducts studies on human motor adaptability, using psychophysiological methods and/or non-invasive measurements such as MRI. The application and development of our research outcomes will contribute to the fields of education, medical services and information technology, all of which involve human physical movement.
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Educational background 2005: Doctor
2000: Bachelor
Professional background 2009-2011: 
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  1. Authors: Miyazaki, M., KADOTA,H., Matsuzaki, K.S., Takeuchi, S., Sekiguchi, H., Aoyama, T., Kochiyama, T.
    Title: Dissociating the neural correlates of tactile temporal order and simultaneity judgements
    Journal: Scientific Reports
    Year: 2016
  2. Authors: KADOTA,Hiroshi, Hirashima, Masaya, Nozaki, Daichi
    Title: Functional modulation of corticospinal excitability with adaptation of wrist movements to novel dynamical environments
    Journal: Journal of Neuroscience
    Year: 2014
  3. Authors: Yanamaka, Kentaro, KADOTA,Hiroshi, Nozaki, Daichi
    Title: Long-latency TMS-evoked potentials during motor execution and inhibition
    Journal: Frontiers in Human Neuroscience
    Year: 2013
  4. Authors: Kudo, K, Miyazaki, M, Sekiguchi, H, KADOTA,H, Fujii, S, Miura, A, Yoshie, M, Nakata, H
    Title: Neurophysiological and dynamical control principles underlying variable and stereotyped movement patterns during skill acquisition
    Journal: Journal of Advanced Computational Intelligence and Intelligent Informatics
    Year: 2011
  5. Authors: Sekiguchi, H, Takeuchi, S, KADOTA,H, Kohno, Y, Nakajima, Y
    Title: TMS-induced artifacts on EEG can be reduced by rearrangement of the electrode’s lead wire before recording
    Journal: Clinical Neurophysiology
    Year: 2011
  6. Authors: KADOTA,H, Sekiguchi, H, Takeuchi, S, Miyazaki, M, Kohno, Y, Nakajima, Y
    Title: The role of the dorsolateral prefrontal cortex in the inhibition of stereotyped responses
    Journal: Experimental Brain Research
    Year: 2010
  7. Authors: KADOTA,H, Nakajima, Y, Miyazaki, M, Sekiguchi, H, Kohno, Y, Amako, M, Arino, H, Nemoto, K, Sakai, N
    Title: An fMRI study of musicians with focal dystonia during tapping tasks
    Journal: Journal of Neurology
    Year: 2010
  8. Authors: Kato, J, Ide, H, Kabashima, I, KADOTA,H, Takano, K, Kansaku, K
    Title: Neural correlates of attitude change following positive and negative advertisements
    Journal: Frontiers in Behavioral Neuroscience
    Year: 2009
  9. Authors: KADOTA,H, Nakajima, Y, Miyazaki, M, Sekiguchi, H, Kohno, Y, Kansaku, K
    Title: Anterior prefrontal cortex activities during the inhibition of stereotyped responses in a neuropsychological rock-paper-scissors task
    Journal: Neuroscience Letters
    Year: 2009

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