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Professor KAMIJO Yoshio

Year of birth 1978 Gender Male
Affiliation School of Economics & Management
School of Management
Research Center for Future Design, Research Institute
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Laboratory/research office Game Theory Laboratory
In this laboratory, we conduct game theory based research on individual decision making, collective decision making, economic incentives to motivate people, voting schemes for the aging society, and the mechanisms of several types of Internet auctions. We are also attempting to develop educational games to support the learning of game theory and economics.
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Introduction to Game Theory
Game Theory
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Research papers ▼

  1. Authors: KAMIJO Yoshio, KOMIYA Asuka, MIFUNE Nobuhiro, SAIJO,Tatsuyoshi
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    Journal: Sustainability Science, pp. 1-12, Springer
    Year: 2016/12/01
  2. Authors: Ozono, KAMIJO Yoshio, Shimizu
    Title: Institutionalize Reciprocity to Overcome the Public Goods Provision Problem
    Journal: PLOS ONE, PLOS
    Year: 2016/06/01
  3. Authors: YOKOTE Koji, FUNAKI Yukihiko, KAMIJO Yoshio
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  4. Authors: KAMIJO Yoshio
    Title: Rewards versus punishments in additive, weakest-link, and best-shot contests
    Journal: Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, Elsevier
    Year: 2015/12
  5. Authors: KAMIJO,Yoshio, OZONO, Hiroki, SHIMIZU, Kazumi
    Title: Overcoming coordination failure using a mechanism based on gradualism and endogeneity
    Journal: Experimental Economics, Springer US
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  6. Authors: KAMIJO,Yoshio
    Title: Choosing Wisely and Sharing Cost: A Multi-Bidding Cost Sharing Mechanism
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  7. Authors: KAMIJO,Yoshio, Nihonsugi, Takeuchi, Funaki
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  8. Authors: KAMIJO,Yoshio, Tomaru
    Title: An endogenous objective function of a partially-privatized firm: a nash bargaining approach
    Journal: Economic Modelling, Elsevier
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  9. Authors: KAMIJO,Yoshio
    Title: Stability and efficiency in the perfect foresight situation
    Journal: Theory and Decision, Vol. 75, pp. 339-357, Springer US
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  10. Authors: KAMIJO,Yoshio
    Title: The collective value: a new solution for games with coalition structures
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  11. Authors: Yamane, Yoneda, Takahashi, Kamijo, Komori, Hiruma, Tsutsui
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    Journal: Journal of Socio-Economics
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  12. Authors: Fukuda, Kamijo, Takeuchi, Masui, Funaki
    Title: Theoretical and experimental investigation of performance of keyword auction mechanisms
    Journal: RAND Journal of Economics
    Year: 2013
  13. Authors: KAMIJO,Yoshio
    Title: Bidding behaviors for a keyword auction in a sealed-bid environment
    Journal: Decision Support Systems, Elsevier
    Year: 2013
  14. Authors: KAMIJO,Yoshio, KONGO, Takumi
    Title: Properties based on relative contributions for cooperative games with transferable utilities
    Journal: Theory and Decision, Springer
    Year: 2013
  15. Authors: KAMIJO,Yoshio, KONGO, Takumi
    Title: Whose deletion does not affect your payoff? The difference between the Shapley value, the egalitarian value, the solidarity value, and the Banzhaf value
    Journal: European Journal of Operational Research
    Year: 2012
  16. Authors: KAMIJO,Yoshio, KAWASAKI, Ryo
    Title: Dynamics, stability, and foresight in the Shapley-Scarf housing market
    Journal: Journal of Mathematical Economics
    Year: 2010
  17. Authors: KAMIJO,Yoshio, MUTO, Shigeo
    Title: Farsighted coalitional stability of a price leadership cartel
    Journal: Japanese Economic Review
    Year: 2010
  18. Authors: KAMIJO,Yoshio, KONGO, Takumi
    Title: Axiomatization of the Shapley value using the balanced cycle contributions property
    Journal: International Journal of Game Theory
    Year: 2010
  19. Authors: INOUE, Tomohiro, KAMIJO,Yoshio, TOMARU, Yoshihiro
    Title: Interregional mixed duopoly
    Journal: Regional Science and Urban Economics
    Year: 2009
  20. Authors: KAMIJO,Yoshio
    Title: A two-step Shapley value for cooperative games with coalition structures
    Journal: International Game Theory Review
    Year: 2009
  21. Authors: KAMIJO,Yoshio, NAKAMURA, Yasuhiko
    Title: Stable market structures from merger activities in mixed oligopoly with asymmetric costs
    Journal:  Journal of Economics
    Year: 2009
  22. Authors: KAMIJO,Yoshio
    Title: A linear proportional effort allocation rule
    Journal: Mathematical Social Sciences
    Year: 2009
  23. Authors: KAMIJO,Yoshio
    Title: Implementation of weighed values in hierarchical and horizontal cooperation structures
    Journal: Mathematical Social Sciences
    Year: 2008
  24. Authors: KAMIJO,Yoshio
    Title: Implementation of the Shapley value of games with coalition structures
    Journal: Waseda Journal of Political Science and Economics
    Year: 2006

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  1. Project title: A theoretical analysis of a keyword auction: How rational the current settings of keyword auction are
    Category: Grant-in-Aid for Young Scientists(B)
    Project number: 
    Project period: 2011/04-2014/03
    Total budget amount: 1,950,000 yen

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  1. Member of Science Council of Japan, Science Council of Japan, 2014-2020

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