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Assistant Professor OKANO Yoshitaka

Year of birth 1977 Gender Male
Affiliation School of Economics & Management
School of Management
Research Center for Future Design, Research Institute
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Laboratory/research office Group Decision-Making Laboratory
How does the behavior of groups differ from that of individuals, and why? In many real-life situations, decisions are made by groups or teams of two or more individuals, such as families, boards of directors, legislatures and committees. Although a growing number of studies have compared the behavior of groups and individuals, economists still know little about the mechanism of group behavior. Our lab addresses this question using the framework of experimental economics to elucidate the characteristics of group behavior.
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Educational background 2007: Doctor
2003: Master
2001: Bachelor
Professional background 2008-2013: 
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Experimental Economics
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  1. Authors: YAMAKAWA Takafumi, OKANO Yoshitaka, SAIJO Tatsuyoshi
    Title: Detecting Motives for Cooperation in Public Goods Experiments
    Journal: Experimental Economics, Vol. 19, No. 2, pp. 500-512
    Year: 2016
  2. Authors: MIFUNE Nobuhiro, HIZEN Yoichi, KAMIJO Yoshio, OKANO Yoshitaka
    Title: Preemptive Striking in Individual and Group Conflict
    Journal: PLOS ONE, Vol. 11, No. 5, p. e0154859
    Year: 2016
  3. Authors: OKANO Yoshitaka
    Title: Re-examination of Team's Play in a Mixed-strategy Game Experiment
    Journal: Applied Economics Letters, Vol. 23, No. 8, pp. 601-604
    Year: 2016
  4. Authors: MASUDA,Takehito, OKANO,Yoshitaka, SAIJO,Tatsuyoshi
    Title: The Minimum Approval Mechanism Implements the Efficient Public Good Allocation Theoretically and Experimentally
    Journal: Games and Economic Behavior, Vol. 83, pp. 73-85
    Year: 2014/01
  5. Authors: NAGATSUKA, Masao, SHINAGAWA, Hideo, OKANO,Yoshitaka, KITAMURA, Yuri, SAIJO,Tatsuyoshi
    Title: Using Economic Games to Investigate the Neural Substrates of Cognitive Processes
    Journal: American Journal of Clinical Medicine Research, Vol. 1, No. 4, pp. 71-74
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  6. Authors: OKANO,Yoshitaka
    Title: Minimax Play by Teams
    Journal: Games and Economic Behavior, Vol. 77, No. 1, pp. 168-180
    Year: 2013
  7. Authors: SHIMOKAWA,Tetsuya, SUZUKI,Kyoko, MISAWA,Tadanobu, OKANO,Yoshitaka
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    Journal: Neurocomputing, Vol. 72, pp. 3447-3461
    Year: 2009
  8. Authors: MISAWA,Tadanobu, SUZUKI,Kyoko, OKANO,Yoshitaka, SHIMOKAWA,Tetsuya
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    Journal: International Journal of Computational Science, Vol. 2, No. 2, pp. 218-232
    Year: 2008

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