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Professor OUCHI Masahiro

Year of birth 1968 Gender Male
Affiliation School of Systems Engineering
Infrastructure Systems Engineering Course, Department of Engineering, Graduate School of Enginering
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Personal web site http://www.infra.kochi-tech.ac.jp/m-ouchi/

Areas of specialization
Laboratory/research office Concrete Laboratory
Our laboratory is working to develop refined concrete technology for the enhancement of the reliability of concrete structures. We have developed Air-enhanced Self-Compacting Concrete (air-SCC), a world first, through the application of micro bubbles to achieve economical self-compactability of fresh concrete. At the same time, we are investigating the application of this method to other materials.  
Current reseach topics
Educational background 1997: Doctor
1993: Master
1991: Bachelor
Professional background 2007-: 
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Undergraduate school ▼

Concrete Engineering
Maintenance of Infrastructures
Systems Analysis
Basic Experiments in System Engineering
Experiments in System Engineering
Graduation Thesis

Graduate school ▼

Advanced Infrastructure Design
Individual Work for Graduate
Advanced Seminar 2
Advanced Seminar 1

Research activities

Research papers ▼

  1. Authors: OUCHI Masahiro, Rath Sovannsathya, Nipat Puthipad, Anuwat Attachaiyawuth
    Title: Improving the stability of entrained air in self-compacting concrete by optimizing the mix viscosity and air entraining agent dosage
    Journal: Construction and Building Materials, Vol. 148, pp. 531-537, ELSEVIER
    Year: 2017/09/01
  2. Authors: OUCHI Masahiro, Puthipad Nipat, Anuwat Attachaiyawuth, Rath Sovann Sathya
    Title: Enhanced entrainment of fine air bubbles in self-compacting concrete with high volume of fly ash using defoaming agent for improved entrained air stability and higher aggregate content
    Journal: Construction and Building Materials, Vol. 144, pp. 1-12, ELSEVIER
    Year: 2017/07/30
  3. Authors: Rath Sovann Sathya, Puthipad Nipat, Anuwat Attachaiyawuth, OUCHI Masahiro
    Title: Critical size of entrained air to stability of air volume in mortar of self-compacting concrete at fresh stage
    Journal: Journal of Advanced Concrete Technology, Vol. 15, pp. 29-37, Japan Concrete Institute
    Year: 2017/01/27
  4. Authors: OUCHI Masahiro, Kenta Kameshima, Anuwat Attachaiyawuth
    Title: Improvement in Self-compacting Properties of Fresh Concrete by Eliminating Large Air Bubbles using an Antifoaming Agent
    Journal: Journal of Advanced Concrete Technology, Vol. 15, pp. 10-18, Japan Concrete Institute
    Year: 2017/01/27
  5. Authors: Puthipad Nipat, OUCHI Masahiro, Rath Sovann Sathya, Anuwat Attachaiyawuth
    Title: Enhancement in self-compactability and stability in volume of entrained air in self-compacting concrete with high volume fly ash
    Journal: Construction and Building Materials, Vol. 128, pp. 349-360, Elsevier
    Year: 2016/12/15
  6. Authors: Rath Sovann Sathya, Anuwat Attachaiyawuth, OUCHI Masahiro
    Title: Fineness of air bubbles affected by mixing procedure in mortar in self-compacting concrete
    Journal: コンクリート工学年次論文集, Vol. 38, pp. 1413-1418, 公益社団法人日本コンクリート工学会
    Year: 2016/07/08
  7. Authors: Puthipad Nipat, Anuwat Attachaiyawuth, OUCHI Masahiro
    Title: Ball-bearing effect of fly ash for higher aggregate content in self-compacting cocrete
    Journal: コンクリート工学年次論文集, Vol. 38, pp. 1437-1442, 公益社団法人日本コンクリート工学会
    Year: 2016/07/08
  8. Authors: ATTACHAIYAWUTH Anuwat, Rath Sovannsathya, Kazunori Tanaka, OUCHI Masahiro
    Title: Improvement of Self-Comapctability of Air-Enhanced Self-Compacting Concrete with Finer Entrained Air
    Journal: Journal of Advanced Concrete Technology, Vol. 14, pp. 55-69, Japan Concrete Institute
    Year: 2016/03/01
  9. Authors: OUCHI Masahiro, Anuwat Attachaiyawuth
    Title: History of development of high-performance concrete in Japan
    Journal: Journal of Thailand Concrete Association, Vol. 3, No. 2, pp. 1-7, Thailand Concrete Association
    Year: 2015/12/25
  10. Authors: OUCHI Masahiro, ATTACHAIYAWUTH Anuwat, Rath Sovannsathya
    Title: An effective and efficient mixing method for controlling initial air content with stability of entrained air in fresh mortar of self-compacting concrete
    Journal: コンクリート工学年次論文集, Vol. 37, No. 1, pp. 1447-1452, 公益社団法人日本コンクリート工学会
    Year: 2015/07/01
  11. Authors: OUCHI Masahiro, Kazunori Tanaka, Rath Sovannsathya, ATTACHAIYAWUTH Anuwat
    Title: Air-enhanced self-compactability of fresh concrete with effective mixing method
    Journal: コンクリート工学年次論文集, Vol. 37, No. 1, pp. 1069-1074, 公益社団法人日本コンクリート工学会
    Year: 2015/07/01
  12. Authors: OUCHI, Masahiro, ATTACHAIYAWUTH Anuwat
    Journal: コンクリート工学年次論文集, Vol. 36, pp. 1444-1449, 公益社団法人日本コンクリート工学会
    Year: 2014/06/15
  13. Authors: 大内 雅博
    Title: Self-compacting concrete as repairing material -Generalisation of SCC technologies within modern concrete technology-
    Journal: The 5th International RILEM Symposium on Self-Compacting Concrete, Ghent, Belgium
    Year: 2007
  14. Authors: Hsieh, M., Ouchi, M.
    Title: The expansive characteristics of self-compacting concrete using expansive agent
    Journal: コンクリート工学年次論文集, Vol. 28, No. 1, pp. 1121-1126
    Year: 2006

Keynote lectures ▼

  1. , 2015/05/29

Invited lectures ▼

  1. Development of Air-ehnahced Self-Compacting Concrete , 2016/05/16
  2. Development of air-enhanced self-compacting concrete, Indian Concrete Institute, 2015/10/10
  3. Applications of self^compacting concrete and development of air-enhanced Self-Compacting Concrete, 2015 International Conference on Sustainable Development and Disaster Prevention in Civil Engineering, 2015/05/21

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Published books ▼

  1. 日本が世界に誇るコンクリート技術 Japan's Concrete Technology, 公益社団法人土木学会, 2014, ISBN 9784810608267
  2. A guide for manufacturing and construction of self-compacting concrete, コムスエンジニアリング, 2001