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Professor TAKAGI Masataka

Year of birth 1962 Gender Male
Affiliation School of Systems Engineering
Infrastructure Systems Engineering Course, Department of Engineering, Graduate School of Enginering
Research Organization for Regional Alliances
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Laboratory/research office Geomatics Laboratory
Nowadays, we are witnessing many environmental problems, including climate change, natural disasters and energy resource shortages. The management of the natural environment is a very important issue for sustainable development work. Satellite remote sensing is a powerful tool for the monitoring of natural resources. The geographic information system is an efficient tool for the analysis of the spatial information datasets created by remote sensing. This laboratory is working to develop a system (based on satellite remote sensing and geographic information systems) for national land management of natural resources use.
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Educational background 1990: Doctor
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  1. Authors: Pakoksung Kwanchai, TAKAGI Masataka
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  2. Authors: Pakoksung Kwanchai, TAKAGI Masataka
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  3. Authors: Ryousuke Kaneko, AKATSUKA SHIN, TAKAGI Masataka
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  4. Authors: Yuta Takahashi, TAKAGI, Masataka
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  5. Authors: Kyohei Sugino, TAKAGI, Masataka
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  14. Authors: Kakahiro NAKAGAWA, Masataka TAKAGI
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    Journal: Proceedings of The First Joint PI Symposium of ALOS Data Nodes for ALOS Science Program in Kyoto, JAPAN, DIS15
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  17. Authors: Tomoya SAKAI, Jong Hyeok JEONG, Masataka TAKAGI
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    Journal: Proceedings of International Symposium on Management Systems for Disaster Prevention, JAPAN, Session B6
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  18. Authors: Takae KADOTA, Masataka TAKAGI
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    Journal: Proceedings of the 23rd Asian Conference on Remotge Sensing, Kathmoandu, No. 173
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  19. Authors: S. Murai (editor), Masataka Takagi, Shunji Murai, Yoshiaki Honda
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    Journal: Elsevir Science B.V., pp. 441-444
    Year: 1995

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  1. Voxel Model as Validation Data for Landcover Mapping, Joint PI Meeting of Global Environment Observation Mission 2017, 2017/01/26
  2. , 2016/12/01
  3. , 2015/12/01

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