Doctoral Program

In the doctoral program, students' acquired knowledge and skill will be deepened and focused in order to cultivate creative people with high levels of skill, able to identify and solve problems. Also, investigative and professional research skills will be encouraged. The result: highly motivated people who can move into challenging, frontier fields beyond their original field of studies.
3 Doctoral Courses
Engineering Course
The Engineering Course is cross-discipline: faculty from a number of different fields work in an integrated environment to give multidisciplinary instruction and direction in comprehensive research to doctoral students who wish to obtain a doctorate through full-time attendance.
Entrepreneur Engineering Course
The knowledge based society needs core human resources who have new knowledge aligned with abundant scholarship, who can create value and who can take active roles in various arenas in society. The Entrepreneur Engineering Course aims at the cultivation of mid-career individuals who can establish themselves actively in such an era. In particular, this course focuses on fostering dynamic human resources who can play active roles in industry by identifying issues, offering solutions to those issues, creating projects, and engaging in practice based on their own experience. Taking as a base the knowledge obtained by the students in the master's course, and having the students conduct joint research with professors on the process of creating new businesses both within and outside of their companies, this course promotes the materialization of knowledge.
1. Lectures in the Entrepreneur Engineering Course are given on Saturdays and Sundays via remote TV broadcast. Students take the lectures in classrooms located on the KUT (Kami city) and Eikokuji campus (Kochi City), in Osaka and Tokyo.
2. Meeting seminars are held twice a year. One of the seminars (sleepover seminar from Saturday to Sunday) is held in the spring at the KUT campus in Kochi.
Special Course for Mid-career Professionals
The Special Course for Mid-career Professionals is designed for individuals who are already established in their careers and who have some level of achievement in industrial or academic research. This degree program has a minimum one-year study requirement, as opposed to the usual three.
Completion Requirements
To complete the doctoral program, students need a) three or more years' enrolment in the school, b) 10 or more credits (normally 6 credits for advanced seminars and 4 for lectures), and c) successful completion of the doctoral thesis defense after receiving necessary guidance from the faculty. Before the defense, students are required to fulfill one of the following prerequisites: a) a question-and-answer examination, which is held more than a half year in advance, to judge their academic level, or b) a preliminary assessment of the thesis, held more than one year in advance.

Students who have been approved by the president as having achieved good results can complete the program if they have been enrolled in the school for more than a year. However, if a student has been enrolled in a master's program, at least three years' enrollment including the time in the master's program is required for completion of the doctoral program.