Outline of Graduate School

Last updated: June 17, 2014

The Graduate School of Engineering consists of a two-year master's program and a three-year doctoral program.


In our modern age, every human activity is global and borderless, thanks to developments in information technology. Information crosses borders instantaneously, and the borders between countries are vanishing; as a result, the world economy is moving towards a single free market, and a new human network, divorced from nationality and region, is emerging. On the other hand, this explosion of far reaching human activity is producing some global problems, such as environmental crises, to which ordinary science and technology cannot respond.

In such a changing world, Japan's role is to develop creative, pioneering technology and concepts which can lead the world, and to incorporate them into new industries which will open up new frontiers. In order to respond to this challenge and to foster the development of human resources that can play an active role in the coming society with a global perspective, we have established our Graduate School of Engineering.


Serious Emphasis on Interdisciplinary Study
Stressing academic work as a composite of disciplines, the KUT graduate school consists of only one department so as to allow students acquire a broad view of engineering. This reflects the university's intention to cultivate people with a broad perspective, open to various points of view, and to avoid fragmentation into narrow fields of study.
Close Link between Undergraduate and Graduate Schools
We consider it important educationally that the undergraduate and graduate schools work together; this is advantageous for both schools. We view engineering as one system, a systematic combination of various fields. For this reason we link undergraduate education, in which students learn technology from a macrocosmic perspective, and graduate school education, which is centered around cutting edge technology recently spawned by tangential scientific fields. This is the systematic basis for our education methodology.
Establishing the Entrepreneur Engineering Course
In order to promote the development of Japanese industry, it is essential to develop technology and subsequently establish new industries centered around that technology. In this scenario, workers in each industry should be able to identify and define the market related to new technology; this calls for entrepreneurial skills and energy, fundamental to the creation of a new organization or venture business which can realize technology commercially. It is with this in mind that KUT's graduate school provides the Entrepreneur Engineering Course, which has no equivalent or predecessor in the undergraduate school. This course is intended mainly for engineers who are working as leaders or instructors in business. Course offerings include global management theory and information related to management. We also offer courses dealing with the relationship between modern technology and management for managers of technology and engineering enterprises. This program is conducted solely on weekends. Students take part in virtual discussions and lectures in remote classrooms in either KUT campus (Kami city), Eikokuji campus (Kochi city), Osaka, or Tokyo. The subjects offered in the Entrepreneur Engineering Course are also beneficial for students who are enrolled in other courses, so we recommend that they to take this course.

Admissions Policy

Kochi University of Technology's objective is ‘Making KUT a world class university through the pursuit of unique excellence'. We are inviting those who understand this objective, who have a desire to study, and who have strong will and aspire to become advanced engineers or researchers so as to take an active role in society in the future.
KUT Graduate School of Engineering consists of master's program (six courses) and a doctoral program (three courses) which are listed above. We are hoping to accept students who 1) understand the educational policy and objectives of each course, 2) have strong interest, motivation and sense of purpose in the technical field and 3) have the basic academic skill necessary for study at KUT Graduate School of Engineering.