Special Scholarship Program

SSP Research Project Leader

Prof. Mamoru FURUTA
Material and Life Systems Engineering
Title of Dissertations by Doctoral Students from Previous Years
Year Name Title
2015 Tatsuya Toda Control of Electrical Properties and Reliability of InGaZnO Thin-Film Transistor for Flexible Device Applications
2015 MAI Phi Hung A study of degradation mechanism of In-Ga-Zn-O thin-film transistor under negative bias-illumination stress and positive bias stress for highly reliable display devices.
2015 Jiang Jingxin Study on density of states in In-X-Zn-O (X=Sn, Ga) semiconductors and defect passivation methods for highly reliable thin-film transistors
2013 Momoko Yamaki Tri-axial crystal orientation of rare-earth-based cuprate superconductors by magnetic alignment techniques
2012 Shinichi Shimakawa Cu(In,Ga)Se2系薄膜及びZnO系酸化物薄膜における欠陥の光学的評価とその太陽電池ならびに薄膜トランジスタ応用に関する研究