Special Scholarship Program

SSP Research Project Leader

Prof. Shuoyu WANG
Intelligent Mechanical Systems Engineering
Title of Dissertations by Doctoral Students from Previous Years
Year Name Title
2015 SHEN Bo The Research on Seat-Style Independent Life Support Robot
2013 Wang Yi-Na Motion Control of a Walking Support Robot
2012 Tan Renpeng Motion Control of an Omnidirectional Walker for Walking Rehabilitation
2007 Miao Di Quantitative Measurement of Voice Separation Ability on Auditory Cognition and Its Application to Higher Brain Function Enhancement
2007 Jiang Yinlai Quantitation of Human Visual Interpolation Ability and its Application to Brain Health Check and Brain Function Enhancement
2006 Tao Weijun Fundamental Research on the Quadruped Horse Robot for Health Promotion
2006 Yu Xia Development of Home Doctor System for Checking State of Health
2005 Shang Tao Imitation Approach of Human Action Intelligence for Autonomous Control of Mobile Robot
2005 Yoshinobu Mizobuchi Realization of Guide Action by a Robot
2003 Yoichi Shinomiya A study about the continuous passive motion technology applying to the therapeutic exercise machine