Special Scholarship Program

SSP Research Project Leader

Prof. Tsunemi WATANABE
Economics and Management
Title of Dissertations by Doctoral Students from Previous Years
Year Name Title
2015 Ndamani Francis Climate Change Perceptions and Adaptation in Agriculture: A Study of Rural Ghana
2015 Eliza Rosmaya Puri Development of Municipal Pavement Management Systems Under Limited Resources in Indonesia:A Case of Cimahi City
2015 Wang Lingling Enhancing Farmers' Engagement in Biomass Supply Chain through Risk Perception-Motivation-Behavior Change Model: A Case Study of National Bioenergy Power Industry Area, Northeast China
2014 Janmaimool Piyapong Environmental Risk Communication and Management Based on Stakeholders’ Quantitative Risk Assess ment: A Case of Maptaphut Industrial Development Area, Thailand
2013 Kazutoshi Sumida Study on the Strategy of Regional Products Business Development ― a Case for Kochi Prefecture Japan ―
2013 Uraiwong Piriya Failure analysis of malfunction water resources project in the Northeastern Thailand: Integrated mental models and project life cycle approach
2012 Eiichi Watanabe A study on management for financial-information systems development -Necessity for new framework of upper process management-
2011 Dewi Larasati Development of contractor quality assuarance system in Indonesia construction procurement
2011 An Tingyu Towards the Sustainable Develpoment of Construction Labor Market in China -Through Cultivating Subcontractors’ Role in the Labor Supply Business
2006 Du Xiangrong
2003 Jirapong Pipattanapiwong Development of Multi-party Risk and Uncertainty Management Process for an Infrastructure Project