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Electronic books (eBooks) are books in electronic form which can be read using personal computers, smart phones or mobile terminals for reading books.
KUT library offers the following collections of eBooks:
List of Japanese book titles [PDF]List of non-Japanese book titles [PDF]List of books for extensive reading [PDF]

How to use eBooks:eBook usage simple manual [PDF]


eBook Collection (EBSCOhost)

These eBooks offered by EBSCO are a supplement to the titles which KUT library has purchased. EBSCO has approximately 3,000 copyright free titles that can be read in Internet browsers. If you create a free account at My EBOSCOhost, you can read off-campus (although you need to create your free account on a university LAN connected computer.)


eBook Library (Maruzen)

These eBooks offered by Maruzenyushodo are titles which KUT library has purchased. They can be read in Internet browsers.

My Library

My Library offers a variety of services including: requesting of library purchases; checking loan histories; extending borrowing periods; and checking the availability of newly arrived books. For a complete list of services, visit here.

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