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First Floor



Automatic Borrow and Return Machine
For use by IC card holders (students, faculty and staff of KUT, University of Kochi, and Kochi Junior College).


Browsing Section
Newspapers and other materials can be viewed here.


OPAC (Online Public Access Catalog)
Available for searching the location of materials and books stored at the libraries of KUT, University of Kochi and Kochi Junior College.


Media Learning Room
Only for use by those with student ID or faculty/staff ID.

Circulation Counter
Staff are available to answer your inquiries.


2nd Floor




Reading Room 1
- Relaxation corner



Reading Room 2
- Shelves for audiovisual materials and Open University of Japan materials Audiovisual materials (CDs, videos, LDs, DVDs and Blu-ray), videos and Open University textbooks.
- Shelves for magazines published in the current year, relatively old 2nd floor topical books, and alumni materials


Reading Room 3 (Information Browsing Room)
For use by only KUT students, faculty and staff. Those who wish to use their own computers on the internal network must apply for a MAC address. Please obtain an application form at the Information System Division and complete the procedure.


3rd Floor



Book Stack Room 1
Books, reference materials and large books with code 000 to 399 and 600 to 999, paperbacks (Nikkei, Chuko, Iwanami, Iwanami Junior and PHP), books for international students and English study textbooks.


Book Stack Room 2
Books, reference materials and large books with code 400 to 599, paperbacks (Kodansha Gendai and Bluebacks), university related materials and designated books.

Bound Journals Stack
Power-operated shelves storing back numbers of magazines and reduced editions of newspapers

Compact Stack
Power-operated shelves storing books and periodicals.

Closed stack
Shelves storing government gazettes and back numbers of newspapers. If you wish to view these materials, please inquire at the service counter.


Materials storage

Results of OPAC searches


Ordering code label

- A classification code label is affixed to the spine of each book.
- Books are arranged in numerical order or alphabetical order according to the information on their labels.
 - The number on the top line of the label corresponds to the number of shelf.
 - The number on the middle line of the label is a combination including the first letters of the author’s name.
 - The number on the bottom line of the label is the number of volume or the year of publication.



香美-○○ Materials stored in the KUT Kami Campus Library
永国寺-○○ Materials stored in the University of Kochi Eikokuji Campus Library
池-○○ Materials stored in the University of Kochi Ike Campus Library
Note: Materials bearing the labels香美—研究室, and香美—○○教室 (Tokyo satellite classrooms or Osaka classrooms) are not stored in the Kami Campus library; the use of such materials is restricted as follows.
- 香美—研究室: Materials belonging to research labs: not available for use.
- 香美—○○教室: Materials belonging to the Entrepreneur Engineering Course: only available to Entrepreneur Engineering Course students and faculty members.

[請求記号Order code]
Label affixed to the spine of each book. See the above graphics for details.
[資料Material ID]
Bar codes affixed to materials.
If this space is blank, the material is not for loan. The phrase 貸し出し中on loan (until yyyy/mm/dd) indicates that the material is out on loan. You can reserve the material through My Library or at the service counter.

Locations of books and materials

The most recent issues of magazines are displayed vertically on the book shelf doors in Reading Room 2 (west side of the 2nd Floor). Back numbers (current year) of magazines are on the shelves behind the doors.
Magazines from previous years are in Book Storage Room 2 (Bound book stacks) on the 3rd Floor. When you push the appropriate electric button, the corresponding shelf will open.
International magazines are stored in alphabetical order starting at the first stack. These are followed by Japanese magazines arranged in Japanese kana order (あいうえおかくけこ, etc.).

You can borrow and return bound magazines using the automatic borrow and return machine. To borrow unbound magazines, please bring them to the 1st Floor service counter.
<Audio-visual materials>
[CDs, LDs, and videos]
These are stored in Reading Room 2 (west side of the 2nd Floor). Please view them in an AV booth. You can borrow music CDs (request them at the service counter). Headphones and remote controls are also available at the service counter.

[DVDs, Blu-rays]
These are stored in Reading Room 2 (west side of the 2nd Floor). Please hand the case of the material you wish to view to the service counter to obtain the disk. You can view these materials at the audio-visual viewing corner in Reading Room 2.

[Cassette tapes]
Cassette deck and headphones are available at the 1st Floor service counter. Tapes must be listened to in the library, except language study tapes, which may be borrowed at the service counter.

[Open University videos]
These are stored on the Open University materials shelves in Reading Room 2 (west side of the 2nd Floor). You can view them in the audio-visual viewing corner in Reading Room 2. Please return these materials to their original location when you have finished viewing them.
If you wish to use CD-ROMs, please inquire at the 1st floor service counter.

My Library

My Library offers a variety of services including: requesting of library purchases; checking loan histories; extending borrowing periods; and checking the availability of newly arrived books. For a complete list of services, visit here.

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