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The Academic Authentication Federation (GakuNin) is a service that allows you to link the information service of each research and educational institutions (e.g., universities and publishers) with the account authentication function within the university.
At Kochi University of Technology, the following academic authentication services are available:


  1. ACS
  2. Elsevier_ScienceDirect
  3. Elsevier_Scopus
  4. Emerald_Business, Management and Strategy Collection
  5. Emerald_Engineering Collection
  6. Emerald_Marketing Collection
  7. SpringerNature_SpringerLink
  8. Toyo Keizai Digital content library
  9. Japan Knowledge Lib
  10. Information Processing Society of Japan
Usage Procedure:
When you access the GakuNin support service, a list of affiliated institutions will be displayed. Select "Kochi University of Technology".
After selecting, the login screen of Kochi University of Technology will be displayed. Enter your username and password.
The service will be available after the confirmation process.

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