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Yamada Kazuie Award for Dr. Attachaiyawuth

Anuwat Attachaiyawuth, Research Associate in the School of Systems Engineering, received the 2017 Yamada Kazuie Award (14th award) from the Maeda Engineering Foundation.

This award, bearing the name of Yamada Kazuie, a researcher who made a great contribution to the development of concrete engineering in Japan, is given by the foundation every year for an outstanding academic dissertation in the field of civil engineering or architecture.

The award was given to Dr. Attachaiyawuth for his paper, Air-enhanced self-compactability of fresh concrete (September 2015). His research on and development of KUT's original technology, "concrete with bubble lubricant self-compactability," which enables the economical construction of safe public infrastructure, was highly evaluated.

That research, still continuing at KUT, is aimed at the refinement of concrete for practical use.