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A storage of disaster stockpile is ready in Kami Baseball Field

On June 19th, a preparation of Kami City's storage of disaster stockpile at Kami Baseball Field was completed.

Kami City and Kochi University of Technology had been working on the disaster preparation together, and this storage will be used as a storage of disaster stockpile for local people who live in the east of Monobe River.

Management and invent control of the stockpile will be conducted by Kami City and KUT will lend the construction site free of charge as KUT's commitment to local disaster prevention.

Emergency supplies as below will be stored;2_7-thumb-250xauto-6282.jpg

Foods: dried and packed rice, dried vegetable, survival foods etc.

Daily necessities: portable toilets, emergency tents, blankets, sanitary goods etc.

Others: sandbags, shovels etc.