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Summer science class for children at Kami campus

On Sunday, August 6, Summer Science Class for upper grade elementary school students was held at Kami campus.
This was the second time the event has been held, providing an opportunity for children to develop an interest in science by experiencing the wonder of science in familiar things.
There were a great number of applications as soon as the application period started. In the end 90 upper grade students from elementary schools in Kochi Prefecture participated, divided into morning and afternoon classes.
The activities were varied: children made paper airplanes based on a real airplane model; KUT students who won the national "Student indoor flying robot contest" gave a lecture on airplanes and demonstrated their flying robots.
Children created original paper airplanes and tried to fly them. At first, they seemed to struggle with the balance of the airplanes and flying technique, but thanks to the careful advice of some KUT students, it was impressive to see the children learning a few tricks and flying their planes happily. When they saw the flying robots doing loops and the technology for catching things in the air, the venue was filled with excitement.
We hope that the children will be more and more interested in science in the future, thanks to the sense of excitement they felt at Summer Science Class.