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Debriefing session for Overseas Intern Lab Program participants

On October 19, a debriefing was held for science and engineering students who took part in the Overseas Intern Lab Program.

With the current emphasis on globalization in universities in Japan, there are various overseas programs, for purposes such as language and cultural training, but there are few opportunities for exchange in specialized fields with students of overseas universities, so Professor Li proposed the Overseas Intern Lab Program, which offers students the opportunity to get inspiration and research motivation, and to experience cutting edge research and broaden their international outlook and knowledge. Professor Li's proposal was adopted as part of KUT's internal research and education program.

Nine students, mostly graduate students, stayed at Harbin Institute of Technology in China from September 5 to 19, 2017. They were escorted by Professor Li Chaoyang and Associate Professor Hiroshi Furuta of the School of Systems Engineering. The participant students conducted research activities and cultural exchange in five research labs spanning four fields (materials science, communication engineering, mechanical electronics, and chemical engineering) at Harbin Institute of Technology.

At the debriefing the students presented the content and outcomes of their research exchange and experiments.

KUT will continue to proactively promote exchanges with science and engineering universities in Japan and overseas.