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First Evening Seminar 2018 on the future of the region

On May 16, Evening Seminar 2018 was held at Cross Square, KUT's regional and cultural exchange facility in Kami City.

This seminar, initiated this year by KUT's Research Organization for Regional Alliance (RORA), aims to acquaint the people of the region with KUT's research on regional issues and the outcomes of that research; and to examine those issues together and thus enhance exchange and coordination with the region. The seminar will be held five times in FY2018.


Under the theme of the first seminar, 'Disaster Prevention and Business Continuity Planning (BCP),' Prof. Masataka Takagi, Head of RORA's Geomatics Laboratory, explained the application of BCP to disaster preparedness for individual homes (rather than the workplace). He talked about planning and preparing in ordinary times, with examples of actual situations.

The venue was completely packed with people from the region and discussion was highly animated.