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KUT student's research paper featured on the cover page of an academic journal

A research paper by Dr. Farkfun Duriyasart was published in ChemCatChem, an international academic journal, on June 19, 2018. Her graphic was featured on the cover page of the journal on August 30, 2018. At the time of writing, Dr. Duriyasart was a KUT third year doctoral student in the Graduate School of Engineering, under the supervision of professor Kazuya Kobiro, Laboratory for Organic-inorganic Hybrid Material Chemistry.

Dr. Duriyasart obtained her Ph.D from KUT in March 2018, and is currently conducting research and development on membrane separation technology at a company in Thailand, her home country.

ChemCatChem, a high status international academic journal published by the German Catalysis Society, publishes research in the field of catalyst chemistry.

This paper demonstrated that a titanium dioxide nanoparticle porous body with nano concave‐convex surface, created by original solvothermal reaction, effectively suppresses enlargement of noble metal catalyst nanoparticles even under high temperature reaction. It was found that the use of Au nanoparticle catalyst supported on the surface nano-concavo-convex titanium dioxide porous body resulted in high reaction efficiency and excellent heat resistance and stability for carbon monoxide oxidation over a long period of time. This surface nano-concave-convex catalyst support approach is drawing attention as a model for new heat resistant catalyst design.

【Paper title】
Sintering‐Resistant Metal Catalysts Supported on Concave‐Convex Surface of TiO2 Nanoparticle Assemblies