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2018 Autumn entrance ceremony was held

The 2018 Autumn entrance ceremony was held at the Kami Campus on 1st October, 2018.

12 students (4 from the master's program and 8 from the doctoral program) started their academic journey at KUT.

Professor Masahiko Isobe, President of KUT, welcomed the new students, saying,"I would like to express warmest welcome to you all. Your new academic career will begin today. KUT has world class faculty members and comfortable and stimulating environment to study. Please advance your abilities at KUT. Pioneers in the specific area can make great contribution to the world. Your life here would be different form your home but you will find something new and your view will be expanded as you experience these differences. Your research to explore new world and expand knowledge is essential. Please overcome, enjoy and take advantage of the differences in the new culture.I sincerely hope your success in your studying at KUT"

On behalf of entrants, Mr.Wan Chen, doctoral student in the Engineering Course, Graduate School of Engineering, gave a speech, saying "From today, we start the Special Scholarship Program. This must be a remarkable experience but also a hard journey which we choose. I hope in the next three years, we could get a good academic work and improve to significant level."