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KUT student receives Best Student Paper Award at IEEE (ISR 2018)

The Best Student Paper Award at the IEEE* International Conference on Intelligence and Safety for Robotics, held in Shenyang, China August 24-27, 2018, was awarded to a paper co-written by Mr. Hongbin Chang, a KUT third year doctoral student in the Department of Engineering, Graduate School of Engineering (supervisor: Professor Shuoyu Wang, Intelligent Robotics Laboratory, School of System Engineering) and Associate Professor Ping Sun of Shenyang University of Technology, which has an academic exchange agreement with KUT.

This IEEE conference focused on the advancement of technology related to the intelligence and safety of robots. Currently robots are being used in everyday life, and this was the first international conference to discuss two aspects at the same time: 1) robot intelligence for understanding the users' wishes and intentions; and 2) the importance of ensuring robot safety, e.g. ensuring that robots do not injure users or others.

The judges selected 106 papers from among the 137 papers submitted by participants from 13 countries. A total of 13 papers were selected for the final list, and based on careful examination of the presentation evaluations, Best Paper Awards were given to one general presentation and one student presentation.

The paper by Mr. Chang and Associate Professor Ping Sun, entitled Output Feedback Control for a Human Support Robot with Inputs Constraint, described an approach to ensuring the safety of life support robots. The key points of their original proposal for enhancing robot safety from the control theory point of view were highly evaluated, hence the paper received the highest award for the student presentation group.

* Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers