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KUT professors awarded Best Paper Award in Automation at IEEE ICMA 2018

The Best Paper Award in Automation at the IEEE International Conference on Mechatronics and Automation, held in Changchun, China August 5-8, 2018, went to a research paper co-written by Professor Shuoyu Wang (Advanced Robotics Research Center, Research Institute, School of System Engineering) and Dr. Bo Shen (Research Associate, Intelligent Robotics Laboratory, Research Institute).

This IEEE conference focused on technical advancements in mechatronics and the control of robots. Of the 635 papers submitted from 28 countries, 422 papers were accepted, and 14 papers of those were selected for the final list. Evaluations were based on originality (40%), degree of technical perfection (40%), and final presentation assessment (20%). The best paper award was given to one paper in each of four fields, including automatic control and mechanism.

The paper co-written by Prof. Wang and Dr. Shen, entitled, A User's Steps Considered Motion Control Approach of an Intelligent Walking Training Robot, elucidated issues related to intelligence of walking training robots. The paper, presenting a unique control method for use in automatic training in walking style for people with high needs assessment, received the best paper award in the field of automatic control.

Dr. Bo Shen expressed his joy at receiving the award and spoke of his future aspirations, saying, "Thanks to the instruction of Prof. Wang and the cooperation of the lab members, I am so honored and happy to receive the best paper award at an international conference. I will take this award as an encouragement to continue my research on walking measurement and control. I hope to establish technology for the safety of walking training and to develop practical applications of walking training robots."