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Luleå University of Technology and KUT School of System Engneering signed the Agreement

On October 14th, KUT Prof. Masayuki Yamamoto of School of System Engineering and Prof. Shinichiro Sakikawa of the International Relations Center visited Luleå University of Technology (LUT) in the northern part of Sweden, and concluded an academic exchange agreement and student exchange agreement with the LUT Faculty of Computer Science, Electronics and Space Engineering.

Luleå University of Technology was founded in 1971 as a national university in Sweden and now has 15,000 students. The headquarter is in Luleå in the northern part of the country. Furthermore, the Kiruna campus, located at 68 degrees north latitude, is known for advanced research in space science, planetary exploration, aurora and atmospheric observation, and has attracted attention from leading European companies.

Since last year, Professor Yamamoto has been conducting collaborative research on atmospheric observation using a low frequency sensor with LUT. LUT Associate professor Thomas Kuhn (Space Engineering) expressed some expectation and said "Because Japan and Sweden have signed a science and technology cooperation agreement, this is a great opportunity to strengthen cooperative ties between the two institutions".