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KUT holds Nanotechnology Symposium 2018

Nanotechnology Symposium 2018 was held on November 3, sponsored by the Center for Nanotechnology in the Research Institute on the KUT Kami campus.

This symposium is held annually for the purposes of: 1) creating opportunities for exchange between nanomaterial researchers from KUT and elsewhere; 2) enabling researchers to become acquainted with each other's research fields so as to create possibilities for future cooperation: and 3) enhancing research quality.


The symposium featured special lectures and 60 poster sessions, along with short presentations by students from KUT and other institutes. The discussions and advice sessions for students were dynamic and productive.

Professor Akimitsu Hatta, director of the Research Institute's Center for Nanotechnology and host of the symposium, recalled, "It was a very lively symposium. The students independently engaged in proactive research exchanges with students from other universities, and also with students from other KUT schools and labs. I hope that as a result of this exchange, the students will develop a sustained interest in research in other fields and that this exchange among students will lead to the development of their research themes."