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Japanese culture experience: Japanese and international students learning together

On November 11, nine international students and nine Japanese students, all from KUT, took part in an event, Japanese culture experience. After a tea ceremony session, the students went to downtown Kochi City to tour the Kochi Sunday market and visit Kochi Castle.

Ms. Ayat Jabr Salem Al-azab from Jordan, a first year KUT doctoral student, said, "The moment I entered the tea room, it felt like I had arrived in a different world. I never knew there was a room like that in the university, even though I come here every day." She is now happily fascinated by Japanese culture.

At Kochi Castle, led by the volunteer interpreter-guide group Kochi Systematized Goodwill Guide Club, the students took an hour and a half tour from the main hall to the castle tower, all the while listening to a detailed explanation of the castle's history. The participants were impressed with the view of Kochi City from the castle tower and stayed there for a while to enjoy it.

Mr. Yu Sugimoto, a second-year student in the School of Economics and Management said, "I participated so I could have some exchange with the international students, but I realized that I did not know anything about Kochi's history or about Japanese culture. Thanks to this event, I now feel like studying Japanese culture too." It seemed that the Japanese students too enjoyed this opportunity to develop an interest in their own country's culture.