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KUT in official partnership with Kochi MIRAI Science Center

On April 1, Kochi University of Technology signed an official partnership agreement with Kochi MIRAI Science Center. KUT is the first university to conclude an agreement with the Center.

The Kochi MIRAI Science Center was opened in July 2018, with the aim of increasing the number of science-loving children who will carry the future of Kochi, and of nurturing a culture in which both children and adults are familiar with science and take pleasure from it. This is a facility for learning and experiencing by looking, touching, feeling, making and playing.

KUT has been carrying out many collaborative projects with the center. For example, KUT sponsored a science event involving the Science Cafe and student exchanges. Based on this agreement and benefiting from the academic knowledge and skill of the two institutes, the aim is to enhance science education in Kochi Prefecture and promote science culture.